Say that you have a big backyard or simply need dog for protection, then large dog breeds can be a good choice for you. These large dogs even if they're the friendliest, they could be a little bit intimidating as well. Their size is more than enough in warding people off. But these dogs can be your companion and many of the large dog breeds are actually trained to properly take care of the disabled and blind.

There are various breeds of dogs that are intended for hunting and herding such as Alaskan Malamutes, Saint Bernard and Siberian Huskies. All these breeds are known to carry heavy loads and pull sleds in the snow.

If you're in search for Canine Weekly dog, there are a number of good breeds that are both powerful and large, some that were used in guarding castles and ancient palaces. Some of these large dog breeds include boxer, bull mastiff, pit bull and to name a few. They're stocky and large, have a large bite and quiet disposition. They're slower but also, powerful which makes up for it. While it isn't extremely big in size, such breeds may weigh to half as much as an adult man.

On the other hand, if you are looking for Canine Weekly dog breeds that have the combination of strength and speed, some popular guard dogs that you can have are German Shepherds and Doberman pincers. These dogs are typically found being used in police or military forces.

While they've been seen to be intimidating and loud, they can be trained as well to be silent and deadly. German Shepherd is also seen used by law enforcement that have families due to the even temperament they have around children. Read more claims at

Despite of what you might think about these dogs, these animals are not mean and they do not deserve the reputation of being a dangerous dog. It is not the dog, it's the owner's responsibility why the dog is behaving in such way. Dogs trained to fight crimes can be trained as well to be mean. They're protective of the person or family they're watching over but it's the responsibility of the owner to curb their pet or ensure that they are getting out of their yards. Large breeds who are abused are having a hard time in adjusting to its new owner.

If for instance that your dog is spending much of their time in your backyard, you should get a dog house for them. You may build the basic "A" frame so long as there's a floor sitting above ground. It has to be covered on all sides. You have to ensure that they have access to clean water dish even though their meals are indoors.